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*Naruto and Kakashi are on a break and ...*

Naruto: Kakashi sensei?
Kakashi: yes Naruto?
Naruto: Do you agree with Y...?
Kakashi: yeah? -Blush-
Karin: There you are Naruto!!
Naruto: Karin ... ¬ ¬ -annoyed voice-
  Kakashi: Oh hell! you interrupt us just when he was going to say something very important -turns and no one is here-
* ..... *
-runs with tongue out due to fatigue and bumps into Sasuke-

Sasuke: DOBE SEE YOUR WAY! -Angry-
Naruto:  i COULD DO IT IF YOUR ASS WEREN'T IN FRONT OF MY FACE! -Very angry and taunting Sasuke-
Sasuke: SHUT USURATONKACHI! -his eyes glows red with anger
Naruto: I'm sorry but I have to go teme -runs before being attacked by Sasuke-
Sasuke: Ashh! That dobe going to pay me - walking home-
Naruto: -well away from Sasuke-I hate that guy!

*In Naruto's house a few hours later ...*
well this is an introduction for my new yaoi Story I know is short but it take time to write it in computer
hope you like it

YaoiTotoro Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Where you get the art for the preview? It's adorable. ^^
snowlove07 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Student Writer
I found it in Internet it is a hint for some part of the story
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